Set Intentions not goals for 2019

Did you know that 8% of people who set goals actually achieve these set goals?

Setting intentions instead of goals is a positive way to improve your life and manifest a behavioral change that can renew the way you live your life and the ways others react to you.

Let’s first define what a goal is: A goal is external, a measured outcome that could be positive or negative. Unachieved goals can make one feel sad, depressed, or like a failure. The language of a goal is not necessarily written in a positive way. For instance: “To be thin”, “To be happier”, “To make more money” which are written in a broad language with no defined steps. Read here about the difference between goals and intentions.

An intention is something written or stated that comes from within. It is not tangible or measurable. Intentions are written in a positive manner and are used to affirm behavior or emotions. When stated or written regularly, they can change the way you think or feel about yourself. They are specific which also lead to higher success. Some examples of intentions are “I am wealthy”, “I have a healthy body”, “My life is filled with joy”. Intentions are written in the present and do not use the verbs “want”, “try”, “to be”. There is also an element of gratitude in the statement (the quality of being thankful, to show appreciation for and return kindness). Here is an article on how to write your own intention.

My 4 intentions for 2019 are based on the one’s that Deepak Chopra wrote and are globally useful for all people no matter who you are or what your belief systems are.

1. To have a joyful, energetic body.
2. To have a loving, compassionate heart.
3. To have a restful, alert mind.
4. To have lightness of spirit.

Practice these intentions daily and say them to yourself with meaning and feeling. Maybe add them to your meditation or yoga routine. The key is to practice them daily otherwise you will be unable to manifest a personal change. Maybe keep a journal and notice how you feel and how people react to you during the process. Give yourself at least 2 weeks to build the habit and notice the changes over weeks and months.

Print these out and carry them with you.

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