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Yoga Vixen is teaming up with The Ocean Project!

Kristina Morros



You would think that the reason people go to the beach is to enjoy and appreciate the gift of being able to experience one of life's greatest wonders. It seems logical that people then would respect that ecological miracle and leave nothing behind. I love our beaches and there is nothing more frustrating than walking along the water and spotting trash that people have discarded along the water and in the sand.

Here at Yoga Vixen we want to try and help make a difference to preserve our oceans and beaches and all living creatures that call these places their home.

For every t-shirt, tank top, or sweatshirt that is sold, a portion of the sales goes towards The Ocean Project.


Who is The Ocean Project?

They are an organization that advances ocean conservation in partnership with zoos, aquariums, and museums (ZAMs) around the world. The Ocean Foundation is the fiscal partner of The Ocean Project.

Who is The Ocean Foundation?

The Ocean Foundation is a unique community foundation with a mission to support, strengthen, and promote those organizations dedicated to reversing the trend of destruction of ocean environments around the world. The Ocean Foundation works with donors who care about our coasts and oceans to provide financial resources to marine conservation initiatives through the following lines of business: Committee and Donor Advised Funds, Field of Interest grantmaking Funds, Fiscal Sponsorship Fund services, and Consulting services. The Ocean Foundation's Board of Directors is comprised of individuals with significant experience in marine conservation philanthropy, complemented by an expert, professional staff, and a growing international advisory board of scientists, policy makers, educational specialists, and other top experts. We have grantees, partners and projects on all the world’s continents. 

Want to read more about these organizations? Here are the links:


Tips on how YOU can help protect our beaches and oceans:

1. Raise awareness for World Oceans Day on June 8, 2016

2. Reduce your own personal use of plastic bags and water bottles.

3. Leave no trash behind on the beach.

4. Organize volunteer groups to help pick up trash along our sea shores or do that as an individual (you will be amazed at how many sacks of trash you will fill up).

5. Teach your children to pick up their trash and throw it away in the trash can (make a game out of it!).

6. Respect all creatures in the ocean and do not throw them away in the trash.

6. Be aware that there are environmental protection zones to help preserve endangered species and respect those zones.

Remember!!!! Respect all living things in and out of the ocean and ALWAYS pick up your trash!



Yoga Vixen


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