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We as people can really make a difference

Kristina Morros

So Saturday night/Sunday morning, I came down with a virus. Besides feeling miserable with chills, body aches, and a head full of snot, being sick does have it's advantages. I get to enjoy sleeping and cuddling with my cat, reading books and articles, catching up on paperwork and emails, and binge watching Netflix and Youtube with my daughter.  One of the extra special perks is being waited on by my husband.:)  So it's always important to embrace the good side of a bad situation, right? Life is balance- that is what Yoga teaches us. So even though I am too sick to teach yoga and work this week, I am practicing very advanced yoga at home, on the couch : )

II have had the privilege to watch very good documentaries and presentations in the last 24 hours. One was about fashion:

one was about governmental corruptionand the deepweb:


and the third one was about the problem of extreme poverty in our world.

I also watched a few Ted Talks.

The video about poverty was made by 4 college students who went down to Guatemala to live on $1/ day just like the locals. They experience first hand what extreme poverty feels like and how these people cope with living like this daily, support their families, and make difficult survival choices.  It was a wonderful documentary and I applaud these boys for trying to experience things in another person's shoes. They are trying to help initiate a social change.  I have included the short 3 minute movie trailer in this blog. The movie itself is a little over an hour.


When I woke up this morning from the coughing and the fever, I came downstairs to make a pot of tea. I have been using palm sugar lately to sweeten everything because it is a sugar that it is metabolized more slowly than regular sugar and it is all natural.


So to make a long story short, it's better for the body.

I knew that the sugar was basically a fair trade product. I noticed that there was a lot of writing in the bag. I am one of those weird people that likes to read package information and I found out that this sugar helps preserve the orangutan population in Indonesia and the founder of the organization is a Dutch man named Willie Smits. While drinking my pot of tea, I surfed to the internet site for the sugar and started reading about how the profits from this bag of sugar are not only helping the orangutans, but are also helping rebuild the rain forest in that area and better the lives of the families of farmers in those villages. On the site was a great Ted Talks video from Willie Smits on "How to Restore a Rainforest". It is an amazing story again on how people saw a need for a change and wanted to help make a difference. The one initial cause (helping the Orangutan) is now helping change the climate,rebuild and re-populate the environment with plants and animals that were driven away, and help feed, clothe, and educate the people. The restoration project helps make these people self-reliant. Mr. Smits made a point in the video that the only way to sustain a change is to get the local people involved and give the control back to the people. The Ted Talks is also in this blog post so that you can watch it if you would like to see the video yourself. Here is the website if you want to follow Willie Smits or you want to read about what they are doing.


My two personal favorite causes at Yoga Vixen are the Tibetan Nuns Project and The Ocean Project.



When items from the shop are sold, I donate back to these organizations to try and help initiate a social change. It's not only the donating back to the organizations that helps, it's also the spread of the message of the causes and the hope at raising awareness to the issues that might help someone else think about helping making a change.

The t-shirts in the Yoga Vixen store are also manufactured at factories around the world that claim social responsibility for protecting the environment and helping the families of the employees. Essentially when you purchase something from Yoga Vixen, you are helping various organizations create social change. When you buy the branded jewelry on Yoga Vixen, you are also support small independent artists and business owners around the world.


By watching this documentary and the Ted Talks, we can see that the world is absolutely not a hopeless place. If we want to, even as individuals, we can make our world better. We as one person, can affect the lives of many people and things. Social change is possible. We can be responsible consumers and try and buy products that help people and the environment whenever possible. We can support local artists, businesses, and communities. We can try to leave no trash or rubbish behind to help preserve the future of the world. 

The last video in this blog is information about the waste floating in the oceans.  The single most important thing we can do about this problem is to use less plastics or use more bio-degradable plastics. Please remember to clean up after yourself. There is also a new fun free app called Clean Swell to chart how much trash you collect when you are out and about enjoying nature.


Thanks for reading!











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