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Aerial Yoga Workshop Sunday 10 January from 12.00-14.00 at Yogasite in Breda

Kristina Morros

Come hang out in this two hour Aerial Yoga workshop! Experience Aerial Yoga for yourself and discover traditional yoga postures, in a deeper but definitely more playful manner - in flight!

In this workshop we focus on a progression from the basics to more advanced versions of the postures within your own boundaries and we decompress and realign the joints and the spine, lengthen the muscles, and create more space within your own body. We conclude the workshop with tranquil relaxation while lying in the fabric and receiving an essential oil massage.

Aerial Yoga is perfect for athletes, weightlifters, runners, yogis, yoginis or anyone else who wants to enhance their fitness program or practice on a different level by building core strength while at the same time lengthening the muscles and aligning the body.

How do you prepare for the workshop?

-Please try and show up at least 15 minutes prior to class to allow us enough time to set up the fabric for you so that we can begin on time.
-Please remove all jewelry.
-Wear a top with sleeves.
-Leggings or workout pants are recommended.
-Try to avoid eating a heavy meal immediately before the workshop.
-Monitor alcohol intake the night before the workshop- hangovers and aerial yoga do not mix very well. : )
-If you have any major health problems, please let us know about this prior to the workshop.
-Most importantly HAVE FUN!!!!!

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