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Happy Hour Yoga 9 September @18.00 Brouwerij Frontaal in Breda!

Kristina Morros


An all-inclusive yoga/Friday afternoon borrel with Yoga Vixen, Brouwerij Frontaal, and Foodguerilla!


Given the unique nature of this class and the fact that we want everyone to not miss out on a great Frontaal beer,and a plate of food from Foodguerilla, participants should note that pre-paid reservation is required

Wait a minute? Happy Hour Yoga? Yoga and Beer? Are you nuts? Those two don't got together, right?

Well, we think they do, so it's true: Yoga Vixen, Brouwerij Frontaal, and Foodguerilla come together and present the newest concept in yoga, networking, and well tasting delicious beer and food! A craft beer social concept that has already taken America by storm is coming to Breda!

What is it exactly? Come join us at 18.00 at Brouwerij Frontaal in STEK (near Belcrum Beach and Pier 15 skate park). We will be practicing an hour long Hatha Yoga lesson for all levels including beginners. NO YOGA EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! There are a number of yoga mats available but if you have a yoga mat, bring it with you.

After the yoga lesson, we will end with a craft beer 'borrel' with beer from Frontaal. Choose a beer to taste from the tap. Stay for a while and socialize! Come and check out STEK and the other small businesses in the community! Hungry? Try out something from Foodguerilla just next door to Frontaal- the price of the event INCLUDES FOOD!!!!

Reserve your spot! Call Kristina at 06 81049752 or email Kristina at

Tickets are €20,- and include 1 hour of Hatha Yoga followed by a tap beer from Frontaal! and a plate of food from Foodguerilla.

Come join us! Let's break the stereotype surrounding the practice of Yoga while at the same time enjoying a local brew from our fabulous local craft brewery Brouwerij Frontaal and some fresh, delicious healthy food from Foodguerilla! Hang out for a while and make some new connections! Bring a friend!

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