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International Yoga Day is June 21!

Kristina Morros

June 21 is officially International Yoga Day!  If you are not a regular practitioner of yoga, here is your chance to try it out in many places around the world for free!!!

A lot of people have misconceptions about what yoga is and who practices yoga. Yoga is not a certain type of person, it is the practice of accepting whomever you are-both the positives and negative attributes in yourself and learning to love those traits. There are also many various types of yoga whether the practice is soft, restorative or meditative, or active with lots of core training! Hell, there is yoga in the air, yoga in and on the water, on the ground, in a sauna, even on a horse (yes, on a horse.....). I found horse yoga on the internet, not kidding.





There are lots of different types of yogis and yoginis all over the world just as there are different cultures. Yoga doesn't fit one type of person. Yoga is for men and for women and for the old and the young.













Drink beer, eat meat, or be a strict alcohol-free vegan. Who really cares? Pick your form of yoga that speaks most to you. If you fall in love with it, make it a habit. Once yoga becomes a regular thing in your life, you will notice a higher state of self-awareness and awareness of your own interactions with others.

So throw those stereotypes away!!!!!! Embrace the practice and not the dogma. Reject yoga snobbery!

Don't judge people if their practice is not your practice. Focus on you and just be happy that other people love yoga, too.


Maybe you will find out that you are a Yoga Vixen! : O


In honor of International Yoga Day, enjoy a special discount from us to you!!

Don't forget when you buy a t-shirt from Yoga Vixen- we donate to The Ocean Project. When you buy jewelry- we donate to The Tibetan Nuns Project.


That is one way we are sharing our yoga to make our world a better place!


Peace out!


Have a great yoga day tomorrow.

Breathe in, breathe out and then...


eat a pizza and drink a nice local craft beer!





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