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SUP YOGA SEASON 2017 in Breda

Kristina Morros

What is SUP yoga? SUP yoga is yoga on a paddle board. SUP = stand up paddle board is a large surfboard that you can stand on and paddle. The combination of SUP and yoga has been trending worldwide for years and is a very popular form of yoga that trains core muscles and improves balance and flexibility. Practicing yoga on the water on a paddle board in a natural environment is a beautiful way to deepen your own practice of yoga and mindfulness and strengthen your body. The combination of paddling on the board and the yoga lesson will leave you feeling energized yet also relaxed and refreshed. 


Practicing yoga on the paddle board allows you to test your own boundaries in a safe and fun manner. There is a chance that you may get wet, so make sure that you wear clothes that dry quickly like sport leggings, sport shorts, and a sport tanktop or t-shirt or clothing that you do not care about getting wet.

What do you need for this class?
1. A mindset for fun and adventure
2. Clothes that can get wet
3. An extra change of clothes and a towel
4. A bottle of water
5. Sunscreen

Event schedule:
-sign in
-15 min SUP explanation
-30 min SUP lesson
-60 min SUP yoga lesson
-conclusion with a cup of tea
The duration of the event is around 2-2,5 hours.


SUP Yoga will take place at the Asterdplas in Haagse Beemden on July 2 and 9th!  The cost is €30,- per person. For more information on the event, click on the links below:


New SUP YOGA date coming in August/September!


Are you interested in a private SUP yoga lesson or a private group lesson with your friends or co-workers?

A 90 minute private lesson including board rental, SUP intro (tips and tricks), and SUP Yoga is €75,-  per person (max 2 people)

A 90 minute private group lesson including board rental, SUP into (tips and tricks), and SUP Yoga is €300,- (min 3 people, max 5 people).



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