Raise Your Vibration this February!

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, set an intention to raise your vibrations.

It’s Almost Valentine’s Day-The LOVE Holiday! Whether you are celebrating or dreading the day, why not strive to improve your self-love by raising your vibration?

What are vibrations?

It’s the frequencies that we send out to other people, things, and the universe. What we put out, we get back. Everything in the universe vibrates-even solid matter and everything has a frequency. Everything is made up of different energy layers. Read more about energy layers here. We can vibrate on a low or a high frequency. An individual that vibrates on a higher frequency feels lighter and healthier and tends to attract more positive things to themselves.

Make your Vibes Good

There are in fact easy ways that you can raise your own vibration although it will require that you want to make a personal change. It will also require you to maintain discipline in your life. You can read more about 8 ways to raise your vibration here.

Here is the list simplified and with added suggestions on how to change your vibe for the better!

1. Find something you find beautiful and APPRECIATE it!
-Take a walk in nature
-listen to your favorite song
-go to a museum or art event
-try a sound therapy class
-try a private sound healing session

2. Become aware of what you put in your body and how it makes you feel.
-eat healthy and cut out the sugars
-eat lots of leafy green vegetables
-limit caffeine intake
-eat fresh whenever possible to limit preservatives

3. Set an intention to have positive thoughts and a healthy lifestyle.
-Here is a great website with a list of intention power words. I have used these in my yoga classes to help my students set an intention for their practice.
-Add yoga to your weekly routine!
-Try not to play into the negative discussion at work or school. Instead spin those problematic discussions into discussions with gratitude.

4. Drink more water!
-cut out adding sugary or sweetened products to your water. Drink water straight out of the tap!
-drink caffeine free tea with no sugar is your really need to flavor your water-but check the ingredients for sweeteners
-take a liter water bottle to work and try to drink through the bottle 2x/day. Be environmentally friendly and buy yourself a re-useable bottle.

5. Practice Meditation or Mindfulness

-try a mindful SUP tour or SUP Yoga
-try a Yoga Nidra class
-try a singing bowl meditation if you like sound and music
-try a tuning fork sound healing session
-take up yoga and learn about and practice pranayama breathing


6. Be grateful/ have gratitude.
– we are where we need to be right now at this moment. Learn to accept that
– learn to let go of things that don’t serve you or get dragged down
-this is where practicing gratitude is helpful- it helps you turn inside and find what resonates with your soul

7. Practice even small acts of kindness or volunteer for a cause that speaks to your heart and soul- this will help you practice gratitude.

8. Exercise
– you don’t have to go to the gym to exercise if that is not who you are
-go for a walk or run
-practice yoga 2-3x/week as your fitness activity- try a Hatha Yoga class.
-go paddleboard or take up surfing
-crossfit, kickboxing, whatever speaks to you as an enjoyable way to get your heart rate going- but be sure that you add an activity like yoga to keep your muscles flexible otherwise you may end up with an injury.

-try a private personalized yoga session.


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