SUP VIxen: Mindful SUP Experience in Breda, Boeimeer, and Ginneken

A combination of a mindfulness and yoga warm-up with a SUP Tour of Ginneken and Boeimeer in Breda concluded with a cup of tea. Prepare your mind and body to make the most of your paddleboard experience. Enjoy the nature and the wildlife as you paddle along the Mark. Yoga Vixen is a brand ambassador of Mistral International. You can rest assured that you will be using top of the line equipment with Mistral. Come try out a board and if you want to buy a Mistral SUP, contact Kristina.

The next Mindful SUP Experience is scheduled for 13 October from 11:00-13:00

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Boschstraat 42
4811 GH  Breda


Yoga Vixen

Whether you are a regular practitioner or completely new to the practice of yoga, come flow with Yoga Vixen at our yoga studio on de Boschstraat in Breda.