SUP paddle lessons

Learn how to Paddleboard in Breda!

Have you seen SUP in the canals in Breda or on vacation? Have you always wanted to try it out? At SUP Vixen, you can always book a private SUP lesson or book one of the group lessons planned in the season schedule. Contact Sup Vixen here to book a private lesson or private lesson series.

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In a paddleboard lesson you will learn the basics of how to paddle which includes finding your balance on the board and learning how not to fall in and paddle stroke techniques. You will also learn how to turn and stop the SUP board. It is a fun way to get fit, build core strength, and improve your balance.

1 hour SUP lesson: €24,95 p.p.
3 lesson pass: €59,95 p.p.

Would you like to stay and practice after your lesson? Rent a board for €9,95/hr.

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