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About Kristina Morros and Yoga Vixen


My name is Kristina Morros. I am an American and I moved to The Netherlands in 2010 with my daughter to live with my Dutch husband.


I am a yoga teacher and I teach different forms of yoga including aerial yoga, hot yoga, hatha yoga, and SUP yoga. I began practicing yoga regularly when I was 18 years old in Birmingham, Alabama. I followed regular classes at Sportsfirst and The Yoga Circle. The teachers were all high quality teachers and it was here that my love for yoga began growing. In 2011 I began practicing at Yogasite and Enjoy Sports in Breda. I completed the yoga teacher training program at Yogasite and the Aerial Yoga teacher training program with Aerial Yoga Nederland. I have given workshops for aerial yoga in Breda, Eindhoven, Birmingham, Alabama, and Panama City, Florida. I have taught aerial yoga at the Yoga Festival Terschelling and Yoga Festival Eindhoven. I teach regular weekly yoga classes at Pellikaan in Breda and Trivitaal Yoga Studio in Dorst. 

Next to yoga, I am also a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist trained at University of Alabama at Birmingham and I administer anesthesia in Rotterdam. Through my anesthesia training, I have a very good understanding of human anatomy and pathologies. 


I created this website to offer fun, fashionable, quality merchandise to my fellow practitioners of yoga. After moving to Europe and shopping for yoga wear, I noticed a lack of edgy, quality clothing. I found nothing out there that fits my personality. I created Yoga Vixen to target those of us who take our practice seriously, but veer away from the mainstream.


 We are the yoga rebels, the unicorns, and the vixens that balance our practice of yoga with real life. We take care of our bodies and minds, and still have a cocktail or beer after work. We strive for inner beauty, but we take fashion very seriously. When you look good outside, it makes your inner beauty shine even brighter. Fashion is not a mask to hide behind, but our life accessory to be all that we can be.

When you look like you have yourself together, even in the studio, it makes an impression to others that you are a strong, balanced person. If you can project personal strength and you believe in yourself, you can overcome even the most impossible goals. That is our mantra here at Yoga Vixen: Be Ferocious. Be Beautiful. Be your dream. You can follow Yoga Vixen on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

 If you would like more information about where I am teaching classes or you would like to book a private lesson or a workshop, please email me at

Thank you for visiting!  I am happy to have you as a client! I am always open to questions, comments, or suggestions.


- Kristina : )