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The Look Book

Welcome to Yoga Vixen 2017!
At Yoga Vixen, quality and originality are important
Whatever you practice
Our goal is to mix function, comfort, and fashion
Cat Model: Pien
Hobbies: cuddling, hunting, eating, and sleeping
Also responds to: Meem, Peenie, Meem-a-nee, Peem
Whether you are hanging with your family and friends, practicing at the gym or studio, or running errands around town, we have the right look for you
We have men's and women's t-shirts and accesories

model: Martijn van Stam
Model: Martijn van Stam
Martijn is a yoga teacher and you can follow him on his website:

Model: Chris Lebens
Account manager, fashonista, yoga student, and proud mother : )
Model: Marieke Buil
Youth counselor, ex-military reserve, yoga student, and natural beauty : )
Model: Paulien Meeuwissen
School teacher, fitness and yoga enthousiast, runner, and proud mother
Photos by Odyllia Fotografie
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Photos taken in Princenhage, Netherlands